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Are Our Door Install and Repair Services a Good Fit for You?

From a fire door to commercial front doors with glass - our company knows how to deal with every type of door. Our customers are located in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Long Island and Westchester County.

We supply and install the doors, it doesn't matter if you have a prehung frame or an existing door that needs replacement. We provide same-day door repair service and hold 90% of the most common door parts in stock. Our door installation services go for new doors we supply, but also doors that the customer already purchased. Here are a few common scenarios we get called for a job:

A Front Door Magentic Door Latch Stopped Working

Magnetic Door Locks are most commonly installed on glass, metal and aluminum doors. That is because most glass doors these days don't come with a mechanical lock prebuilt. A Maglock is placed on the top of the door with an armature plate that has 600lbs–1,200lbs holding force.

The most common reason magnetic door latches stop working is that they were installed wrong. If the maglock is not aligned with the door during installation, then with time it will get more impact on one side; slowly, pushing it out of alignment. To solve this issue, the armature or magnetic panel need work

Fire Doors

A fire-resistant-rated door with a protection system to reduce the spread of smoke and fire between different areas in the building

Double Doors

Usually used as an emergency door exit if the door is metal. Double glass doors are usually used as entries

Glass Front Door

Common as commercial doors in NYC offices and storefronts

Aluminum Doors

Commonly installed as storefront doors but also in offices and other commercial properties

Squeaking Commercial Glass Doors

Squeaking doors in general usually happen when the hinges are misaligned. Misalignment of hinges usually happens because of one out of three reasons.

- The door was installed crooked in the first place
- The door was abused and hinges were bent over time
- The door was too heavy to begin with to be hung with the current hinges

It is not a simple process of using an adjustable door threshold. Repairing glass door hinges is tricky, and requires a professional door installer in NYC.

New Door Installation

Double Entry Doors, commercial steel doors, fire doors, prehung french doors, and even door framing — we supply and install almost every type of door. Door installations are usually done when a new properties door framing has been completed (although we do that too.)

Sometimes, our customer will Google: "Door Repair Near Me" without even knowing that their door is broken and needs to be replaced. When we get to the location, we evaluate the situation and advise the customer on the best steps for a new door. For instance, many times low-quality storefront doors break in NYC and need to be replaced. We then decide together with the customer the best course of action. Whether if you have standard door dimensions or not, we will find the solution.


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