Intercom Systems in New York

What are Intercoms?

Telephone-Audio Intercoms

An intercom is a standalone device used for voice communication between a collection of apartments, offices, or buildings via a private network. Intercom devices are permanently mounted at the property entrance allowing communication between personnel outside and inside the premises. The first intercoms started out working on private telephone networks connected by physical wires. The main unit was placed outside the building, and every building unit had an individual device used for voice.

Video Intercom Systems

Once audio-visual intercoms started appearing, intercoms started to be made around the motif of security. Building security was able to see visitors outside the buildings via a video camera, as well as the actual units able to see their visitors. Soon enough, locking devices indoors were connected to the intercom systems and the door could've unlocked via an additional button in the audio-video intercom system panels.

Network Intercom Systems

Nowadays, the new technology allowed intercom systems to be connected to the whole access control system via a TCP/IP network. A simple CAT-5 cable now connects the different devices, and buildings and be monitors and controlled on a network in any location. The same software that is in control of programming magnetic keycards, logging user activity, is now being able to be integrated into the audio-visual building intercom systems.

About Us

Vertical Security Intercom System Installations in New York

The new Intercom Systems we install will give you the opportunity to answer the door anywhere, not missing any visitor. This is done via an IP Intercom System connected to a network, WiFi-enabled letting you see the visitor from your smartphone, controlling the door at the same time.

Intercom System via Smartphone

Get notified on your phone when the doorbell is rung. You will open the app and be able to see the visitor, talk to them, and open the door from them as well — anywhere in the world!

Cloud Recording

A video + text log off all visitor activity can now be recorded on the cloud. This eliminates the need for a separate Surveillance System Installed if all you want is to see is live and historical visitor history at your front door.

Smart Home Compatible Devices

Vertical Security's Intercom Systems in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Long Island, and Westchester County allows you to connect your Intercom System to your whole smarthome

Commercial and Residential Intercom Systems in NYC

Absolute Communication System

Commercial Intercom Systems based on SIP allow communication with existing installed phone systems, offering consistent communication between security, workers, staff, visitors, and management.

Video Monitoring Integrations

The video from the door panels can be streamlined by building security monitors, connecting it with your installed commercial surveillance system. Helping create an all-in-one solution for your surveillance, access control, and door security together with the installed Intercom

Access Control Intercom Integration

Our systems support both Wiegand and RS485 Low Voltage door security access control components, i.e., the Intercom System gets integrated with an existing Access Control system. The verified information is transferred from the door phone to the access control panel, granting door access. You can integrate your intercom with biometric access, facial recognition, keypads, RFID readers, and even mobile apps.

Apartment Complex

Front Door Panel

Audio-Visual Aprtment

Intercom Unit

Surveillance System

Intercom Integration

How We Can Help

Vertical Security is a leading installer of Intercom Systems in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Nassau County and Westchester county.

We focus on the installation, upgrade, replacement, and maintenance of IP intercom systems from top brands. What once was a simple way of telephone communication, now they are installed in offices, businesses, retail, schools, entertainment industries, hospitals and other commercial properties in addition to the initial apartment building intercom installations.

Repairing, replacing, upgrading or a fresh installation are all solutions we provide. Once we arrive at the location for a free estimate we will decide together what solution is best for you.

Top-Grade Installations

Our team is proficient and experienced installing different types of systems, whether if it is a brand new ip-access control integrated system or your simple telephone-based network, we off the highest quality work.


We provide a complete warranty on all parts and labor for installations we carried out. In any case, we are always available to hear from you on different questions

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