Access Control

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What is 'Access Control'

An integrative solution combining door security, software, and technology allowing physical access management remotely. The entry permissions are set by the software and the credentials could be via fobs, smart cards, mobile phones, keypads, and other devices. The software is programmed by the premise controller, who also has the option to open the door remotely.


You can set employee permissions from the software itself, customizing each. You may have certain employees that you want to have access to certain doors. You can control the times of day and night you want to let personnel have access. You can instantly activate and deactivate employee permissions. You also have the option to integrate your surveillance system with the software.


Access Control systems are connected with Low Voltage electronic door security locking components. For instance, a magnetic lock -- installed at the top of the door that may have more than a 1,200lbs holding force. That means, no lock to pick, or deadbolt that can be broken.

Unlike a metal key that is easily duplicated (yes, even the ones that say 'Do Not Duplicate') a key fob can't be duplicated. Needless to say, biometric locks are individual. When an employee loses a simple key, business rushes to change all the locks; however, if a key fob is lost, the access permissions can be simply deactivated.

Remote Access Control

Doors can be always opened with access to the software network. Therefore, even if the system operator is in another state, they have the ability to open the door remotely. You also have the option to connect your Intercom System which may be already installed.

Audit Trail

All employee activity is logged, i.e., every entry will show up in the system, who came in, when, and it is even possible to track when they left. The audit trail can log door openings even when the door is unlocked (via motion sensors.) Many businesses use this to their advantage to have a better understanding of the volume of customers they have daily.

Cost Efficient

The amount of resources businesses spend on maintaining, opening, and replacing mechanical locking systems is outrageous. Think of the times you had to change the locks because an employee left with a key. Or, how many times employees have been locked out of the door and have to get the lock open and replaced? How many times the mechanical locks just gave up on you.

With an Access Control system, there will be no more calling a locksmith to rekey your locks. No more calling a locksmith to drill your lock because you lost the key. You will be the one in control


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