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Vertical Security is located in New York, NY providing security solutions in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau, and Westchester Counties. The door, locksmith and security system industry has changed over the years, and 10+ years of industry experience lead us to the conclusion that we should focus solely on disrupting access control and security system technologies.

Low Voltage

The locksmith business has been evolving over the years. Standard keys or replaced with fobs and digital codes. Doors are unlocked by cellphones. And, electronic deadbolt replacement are becoming more and more common.

It started out with high-end pricy commercial technologies, but today almost every residential door can go electronic. Storefronts now have economic options for installing an Electric Strike and Magnetic Lock

Magnetic Locks

Commonly installed on glass and aluminum doors. A magnetic lock has a holding force of 600–1,200 lbs. 

Electric Strikes

An electric strike is what you see in "buzzer systems." installed instead of the existing door striker 

Proximity Readers

Readers that are able to identify any credentials that works by proximity, e.g., fobs, cards and NFC


A "standalone" electronic lock, i.e., the lock hardware is replaced without a need to additional wiring

Access Control

Access Control is the next step up from standard Low Voltage Locksmith work. It entails all the foundations (such as Electric Strikes, Magnetic Locks, Proximity Readers, Digital Keypads, Biometric Locks, or any electronic lock solution); but, gives the owner more control via software. Through a computer and network, one is able to control all doors in the same place. Have an audit-trail on employees

Camera & Video Surveillance

The surveillance industry changed over the years. From the simple analog black-and-white camera systems every grocery store has, the technology has advanced to an extent where cameras can all be on an IP network. In simpler words, it gives one control over all cameras from your computer and phone. What many don’t know, is that network camera systems

Commercial Grade 



Live Monitors

Smart Home

Wireless Camera

Intercom Systems

Simply put, an Intercom (Intercommunication System) is a standalone device allowing a link between a person inside and outside the door via sound or video. Most commonly used at building entrance allowing communication between a guest and resident. However, also used in offices when someone needs to be "buzzed in." Intercoms started out by having..

Residential & Commercial Doors

It is impossible to discuss Access Control and Integrative Locksmith technologies without addressing the primary security component — your door. Door quality has also evolved over the years, and we see every day more-and-more commercial entities upgrading their door solutions. That includes Wood, Glass, Metal, and Aluminum..


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